KDE for your phone?

Ubuntu Touch may have a new competitor: Plasma Mobile.

Plasma Mobile was unveiled at Akademy which is a two day conference which is held every year about KDE. Plasma Mobile has been designed for privacy and customization,which is no surprise because KDE is one of the most customization desktop environments.

Unlike Ubuntu Phone, KDE Mobile is trying to have support for as many types of apps as possible. It

“is designed as an inclusive system, intended to support all kinds of apps.”

Apps that are designed to be native to the system can be written is QT (KDE’s toolkit of choice) but the system will also support GTK, Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish and even Android apps.  Unlike Ubuntu Touch wich is getting bad reviews for lack of support maybe this app system will be better in the long run, after all even Windows Ten will be able to use Android apps. Currently you can only flash a Nexus 5.

So far Plasma Mobile looks like an interesting concept but it will be fun to see how the project turns out.