How to make a simple intro to a video

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a 1080p 30fps intro that looks like this (You can use any shape, music, name, font, font size etc;) you need:

  • A Linux computer
  • A device running IOS
  • Ability to install apps

First we need to take the IOS device and get the app “Matter” and buy it for 2 dollars (I got mine for free because it was the app of the week).


Once you have the app open it up.

First screen

First screen

Click on the camera icon and take a photo. Then hit “Use photo” (or “Retake”)


Select 16:9

Now select 16:9 and click the check mark on the bottom right of the screen.


The editing screen with three menus

At the bottom, you should see the menu. What we’ll do first, is pick an object. In the middle bar of the menu, you can scroll left and right to pick a shape. You can also cycle between shape packs by clicking on the list icon on the top bar of the menu. Once you have picked a shape then you can maneuver it any which way you want by doing things like pinching or twisting your fingers- feel free to play around and try different things. Remember to leave room for text.


Selecting a shape

Now, let’s change the style. Click on the style button on the menu. There is another slider at the bottom which we can use to change how our shape looks


Style changer


Now click on the RGB button on the top of the menu and select a color with the palette or the slider.

Color menu

Color menu

Now click the ✓ button next to the slider. We can also change the shadow by going into the shadow tab in the menu.


After you do that, you can click on the tab on the top right corner and select “video”.  This menu gives you the opportunity to change all the video options. You can go through all of the options and change how the video looks.


Video menu

When you are done, click on “make video”

Once it’s done hit “share” and email it to yourself.

Move back to your Linux box and install Kdenlive. On Ubuntu just type the following into the terminal

sudo apt-get install kdenlive

Once it is installed then open it up and customize it all you want with different panels (it’s a KDE app). Just make sure you have the project tree and the clip monitor.

Screenshot from 2015-08-17 14:02:03

My Kdenlive setup

Now right click on the “project tree” panel and then “Add Clip”. Then select the file you emailed to yourself (it should be called “MatterMovie”). Now drag the clip to the bottom.

Screenshot from 2015-08-17 15:12:02

Now right click on the project tree and click on “add tile clip”

At the bottom of that window check the box that says “Show background” and click where you want your text to be.  Type something in. All of the text controls are at the top. When you are done click on OK.

Now drag the title clip onto the bottom.

Screenshot from 2015-08-17 17:42:56

Next, move the other clip down to the same row as the title clip


Then move the title clip up and the main clip over.


Now go to the very edge of the title clip and drag it out to the length of the bottom clip.


Now hit render and change the menu to make it look like mine (apart from the output file).


Then just click on “render to file”. When it’s done go to the location that you entered as the output file and play your intro!