Semplice Linux 7.0.1 Review and Installation

If you’ve been following this blog then you might remember me saying that Elementary is the most user-friendly distro out there many times before. I think Semplice has changed my mind.

Semplice is a Linux Distro based on Debian. You can get two versions, the current build, and the workstation build. If you want a more stable experience we recommend that you try out the workstation build which is based on Debian Jesse 8.2.

When opening up the install wizard (you can choose to directly open up the installer from Grub you get greeted with a message and a prompt to press ‘Forward’

Semplice install 1

Next you can enter your language and keyboard layout.

Semplice install 2

After that enter in your timezone.

Semplice install 3

Now you can enter in all the system details.

Semplice install 4

Now comes the hardest part, partitioning your drives. If you mess this up then all you data gets deleted. Select ‘Advanced partitioning’

Semplice linux install 5

Press ‘advanced options’ and then press ‘Add MBR partition table’

Semplice install 6

Now click on the first partition and click on the ‘+’

Semplice linux install 6

Semplice linux install 7

Make your menus match mine except for the size. The size should be around 70% of the drive (I know mine is only 2.8gb). This partition is where all of your documents and personal files are kept.

Semplice linux 8

Click the next partition and press the ‘+’.

Semplice linux instal 9

Semplice linux install 10

Make your menus look like mine except for the size. Make this partition the other 25% of the drive.

If you have another partition and it says free space on it then you can leave it alone.

Semplice linux install 10

Make sure that your menus look like mine. For more help on partitioning check out my guide on getting started with Linux.

Click on the check mark in the upper right-hand corner and then select the smaller partition that says ‘/’ on it and press ‘Next’

Semplice install 11

Make sure you select this box.

Semplice linux install 12

Select eveything but office applications here. Press Forward’

Semplice Linux install 13

Make sure everything here is correct and press ‘Forward’

Semplice linux install 14

Congrats! Your on your way to a successful Semplice install.

Once its done, press ‘Reboot’

Once your system finishes rebooting you should see a screen like this:

Semplice after install

Go ahead an login to the acount that you made, you should see a screen like this

Semplice after install 2

If you go through their short tutorial you should learn the basics and be sent to a screen like this

Semplice desktop

To start a program just search the desktop or right click. If you need more help with Linux after installation check out my guide here.


Overall Semplice is a very beautiful and easy to use distro. It has a great selection of preinstalled software that’s actually useful! For example they have tools like Clippy and Blueman preinstalled. While I was playing around with the distro, I only found one thing annoying which was the settings app. It had some really useful features built in, such as the ability to change what the power button does, but it misses some key things like display settings. To change that you have to launch an external app called ‘monitor settings’! Besides that, the desktop environment did feel a bit lacking with only a very simple dock.

I feel like Semplice has a lot going for it but it just needs a bit more work.


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