Mint 17.2 Rafaela XFCE Edition and KDE edition

The developers of the Ubuntu based distro Linux Mint have released two new versions of Mint. Now in addition to the Mate and Cinnamon desktops you can get KDE and XFCE as your default desktop.

KDE News

The update includes

  • a new login preferences setting
  • better UEFI support
  • Better support for Nvidia and Optimus cards
  • Bash history is better and autocompletion is also better in the terminal
  • More wallpapers! Including wallpapers from many past releases

But the one thing that will stop me from switching is the fact that it will be preinstalled with KDE 4.14.2 and Kernel 3.16! As you might know I like living on cutting edge software, hence my liking for Arch and Fedora.

Linux Mint KDE

Linux Mint KDE (Image from

You can see the release notes here.


The update includes

  • The newest version of XFCE
    • The panel can now intelligently hide itself
    • Each workspace can now use a new wallpaper
    • Improvements for Thunar
    • A huge update for task manager
    • Imgur support for screenshots
    • XFburn can now burn blue-ray
    • The weather plugin got a design update
  • You can now browse PPAs
  • You can now downgrade packages
  • Language settings were redesigned
  • login screen settings improvements

And the rest is the same as KDE.

XFCE Linux Mint (image taken from

XFCE Linux Mint (image taken from

You can see the release notes here.


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