Ubuntu 15.10 Alpha 2!

Ubuntu 15.10 Alpha 2 was released today for Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu MATE and Ubuntu Kylin! After testing for the day on a live DVD I haven’t found any major bugs. The one change that I can see from 15.04 to 15.10 is the removal of AbiWord and Gimp. Alpha 2 is running version 4.12 of XFCE. Firefox is still on version 38. Only once so far my computer has crashed and that was when playing music in Chrome on Pandora and configuring a network at the same time.

You can get the latest nightly builds at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/


Xubuntu 15.10 live running alongside my Manjaro machine


Best Desktop Enviroments

When it comes to the how my distro looks, I’m very picky. This is why my desktop environment matters so much to me.

My Favorite

KDE is by far my favorite desktop. Why?  One word. Customization. KDE Is definitely the most custom distribution with all the built in customization options. KDE is great for the person who loves customization but can compromise with using a GUI which looks a little old-ish (yes I think Plasma looks old-ish).

Manjaro KDE

My current KDE configuration on Manjaro (its near stock)


I think for a windows user Cinnamon will feel similar with the customization level being not too high but not too low. The big menu will also feel familiar.


Cinnamon running on Ubuntu



Pantheon desktop on Elementary OS Freya beta 1

For a Mac user Pantheon desktop would be perfect. It’s very simple with a Mac like top-bar and a basic app launcher. At the bottom of the screen there is a Mac like dock. Pantheon is native to Elementary OS.

My experience with Linux

This will hopefully be a not too long story about my experience with Linux, which will be mainly tailored to beginners.

It all started out when I got the computer on which I am currently writing with, my Dell Studio XPS 1645. Made in 2010 but still going strong! When I got the computer used from my father it was slow and bogged down (Despite 8GB ram and an i7 processort) I decided that it would be cool to try out this thing I found on the Internet which I knew almost nothing about. I started out really confused about all of the different distributions and all of the complicated things about the Linux operating system, but slowly over a very long process of looking at distro websites and reviews eventually I came to find Zorin OS 9 and Antegros. I even considered arch for a while (which I don’t think I could have handled for a day). I first tried Antergos but as I went through installation there was a bug with Cnchi (the Antergos installer) that would not let me install. Now I look back and am actually am happy that the install did not work because as I said before I wouldn’t have lasted a day in Arch.

Next I booted up Zorin OS (I was using Zorin OS 9 Core). The installer was nearly identical to the Ubuntu installer which I learned later after installing Ubuntu (I also learned that Zorin is just a Ubuntu with different GTK and desktop environment, using everything the same except for the addition of some software). After that I started reading about Linux online and heard about things like desktop environments and GTK and x11 and all the amazing things in Linux. After installing Gnome and living in there for a while I decided it was time for a new distro. I don’t remember exactly but I think I started using using Ubuntu. That next distro was where I started really learning about Linux and sure enough in 2 weeks I was ready for more. After that I went into the Frenzy that I am currently stuck in. Installing new distros every nearly day! Even quintiple booting at points. After all of this I feel like I’m pretty experienced in Linux and ready to do anything.

KDE for your phone?

Ubuntu Touch may have a new competitor: Plasma Mobile.

Plasma Mobile was unveiled at Akademy which is a two day conference which is held every year about KDE. Plasma Mobile has been designed for privacy and customization,which is no surprise because KDE is one of the most customization desktop environments.

Unlike Ubuntu Phone, KDE Mobile is trying to have support for as many types of apps as possible. It

“is designed as an inclusive system, intended to support all kinds of apps.”

Apps that are designed to be native to the system can be written is QT (KDE’s toolkit of choice) but the system will also support GTK, Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish and even Android apps.  Unlike Ubuntu Touch wich is getting bad reviews for lack of support maybe this app system will be better in the long run, after all even Windows Ten will be able to use Android apps. Currently you can only flash a Nexus 5.

So far Plasma Mobile looks like an interesting concept but it will be fun to see how the project turns out.